Modernist Adelaide: 100 Buildings 1940s–1970s

Modernist architecture was at the heart of the physical, cultural and social transformation of postwar Adelaide. This architectural revolution was based on new construction technologies, a break with traditional styles and an unwavering belief in design’s ability to shape a better society. Modernist Adelaide: 100 Buildings 1940s–1970s is the first book to provide a large-scale survey of Adelaide’s mid-century architecture. By profiling the architects and clients, specific design features and historical points of interest of 100 existing modernist buildings, Modernist Adelaide: 100 Buildings 1940s–1970s reveals South Australia’s lesser-known but substantial contribution to this architectural movement.


"The book offers a trove of information gleaned from old design journals, records and lifestyle magazines, along with insights Symons gathered on the ground talking to home owners and those who knew and worked with architects of the period." – The Adelaide Review 


Designer: Julian Montague
Size: 260 x 210mm
Pages: 236
Publication: December 2019
Format: Softbound book, proudly printed in Adelaide

ISBN: 978-0-646-81235-9


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    © 2019 Modernist Adelaide | Photos by Nicky Create, Sia Duff, Simon Trnovsky and Stuart Symons